Sunday, 21 October 2012

Internet For All

Broadband Kos Rendah 1 Malaysia (data + voice + sms)

Broadband rm25 sebulan (1GB) dan pelbagai pakej tambahan 
(sms,mms dan voice call) 

RM1 per 1 Jam - ( 100MB )
RM25 per 1 Bulan - ( 1GB )

RM 1.00
Berbual 1000 minit
SMS 1000 sms
per / Hari

celcom 28 sen per 10 minit
other 28 sen per 5 minit

celcom 1 sen per sms
other 5 sen per sms

COD:SHAH ALAM (RM45/pcs), POS (RM48/pcs)

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Something To Think

I want to share some words with you, please rethink about it before make a conclusion:

"In the absence of what you are not,
what you are is not"

"Rosak kejahilan kerana ilmu,
Rosak ilmu kerana amal,
Rosak amal kerana ikhlas,
Rosak ikhlas kerana keakuan."

"Sesat dalam perjalanan
Lebih baik dari berjalan dalam kesesatan,
Berjalan dalam kesesatan
Lebih baik dari duduk dalam kesesatan."

Sorry because I had to write in Malay because the translation will make the meaning difference =D
*Peace yo!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Path In Life

Life is not easy.
We have been given responsibility to take care and live with good in this earth.
Life is complicated.
Many junction appear without signboard.
Although at most point we need to make a choice by our self,
but we still have a map to refer with,
we have a compass to make sure that we arrive the right point.

It it same as our life.
We had path to go through.
But in the end there is our goal of living
We are here to fulfill Allah task for us as a human to make sure that we are capable to live in His heaven that from the beginning is our place.
For only that purpose,
He had send our Prophet Muhamad S.A.W to teach us and Quran as a guidance so that we take the right path when making choice in life.

After go through this task successfully, we will be given the best place ever, nothing such as that place on earth.
O brother and sister out there, life is short, life has its end and its can be ended right way is He say so.
Because of that, please take a good care of yourself and other muslim...

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thinking to post my thought online

Assalamualaikum and welcome to all reader. i am Najmi Rosli and i have been thinking to create my own block since a year ago but afraid that i do not have sufficient idea how to manage my post :P Then today i did it... Besides that, i have done many research about gadget and internet i hope all reader could help me improve my blog. Thanks

First i want to thanks to blogger hanarie for open my mind to be a blogger. Today i pos something for you hana. Please accept my gift for your birthday 30/Sept. Do check your mailbox tomorrow for the present.

Yes Buzz

Whoever following YTL company product, they will know this phone. It's YES BUZZ